Oneway compressing recycle machine-H30

Oneway compressing recycle machine-H30

With TranRot module, H-30 can infeed and rotate containers to scan the barcode automatically.

Product Details

H-30 reverse vending machine (RVM) is the new released model with new upgrade technology of INCOM TOMRA. With fuzzy shape, barcode, full container detection and metal recognition technologies, H30 Tomra Bottle Return Machine is ideal for low to medium volume of non-refillable container.

● 21.5" touch screen for promotion

● Build-in Combi PET/CAN crusher and sorting

● Automatically infeed and rotate module (TranRot)

● Optical fraud protection

● "Plug & Play", powerd by single phase

● Remote big data management platform

Durable and Flat CabinetHigh Efficient RecyclingEasy To Operate

·Reinforced and durable steel doors.

·Ideal for posters and brand promoting.

·Powered by single phase to reduce installation.

·site requirements.

·Optimize recogniton speed

·Multiple recognition technology

·Precise sorting technology

·Straightforward operation and

easy for cleanning

·21.5" touch screen ideal for

interaction and engagement

H30 Highly Efficient Model with CompressionH30

Leading The Resource Revolution

35 billion used beverage containers are captured every year by TOMRA's reverse vending machines. TOMRA's total avoided

greenhouse gas emission equals the annual emissions from 2 million cars—each driving 10,000 kilometers.

Tomra Bottle Return Machine DimensionsStorage capacity (approx. figures with shaking down)
H30With single bin in lower cabinet
CAN 0.33L1.150 ~ 1.500
CAN 0.5L800 ~ 1.000
PET 0.5L680 ~ 750
Based on bin
size D x W x H
710 x 780 x 805 mm3
With sorting to separate CAN/PET bins in lower cabinet
CAN 0.33LPET 0.5L450 ~ 500450 ~ 500
CAN 0.5LPET 0.5L300 ~ 350450 ~ 500
Based on bin size D x W x HCAN: 710 x 280 x 805 mm3
PET: 710 x 500 x 790 mm3
Data for reference.

Container SpecificationMaterial types
Non-refillable plastic bottle and can
Bottle size - PET
Diameter 50-130 mm
Height 85-380 mm
Bottle size - CAN
Diameter 50-100 mm
Height 80-200 mm
Speed CapabilitShape & barcode reading
Up to 40 containers per minute
Maximum 90% relative
humidity, non-condensing
0°C to +40°C (32°F - 104°F)
The machine has been designed for indoor use only;
Support outdoor use after installing canpoy and other
external equipment
ElectricalPower consumption
Idle 80W, Max(approx.) 1180W
100-120V AC 1-phase w/ground
50/60Hz, min 15A
200-240V AC 1-phase w/ground
50/60Hz, min 10A
ConnectivityLAN (Ethernet TCP/IP)
Front Unload
Combi PET/CAN sorter
Combi PET/CAN crusher
Recognition Shape Recognition
Barcode Recognition
Metal recognition
Full container recognition
User Interaction21.5"touch display
1920(H) ×1080(W)
Support color:
16.7M (RGB 8-bits)
User guidance in display
Support sound
ColorsFront plate:Ral 9011
Cabiaet:RAL 7042
QR reader, RFID card reader
Loyalty card reader, NFC reader, Magnetic reader
*Options subject to future
development and they are single choice.

We reserve the right to make changes to specifications without p rior notice. While every effort has been made to ensure all info rmation contained in this document is accurate,

TOMRA assumes no liability for any errors, inaccuracies or omis sions that may occur.


INCOM TOMRA Recycling Technology (Beijiing) Co., Ltd. "( INCOM TOMRA" as the abbreviation) is a Chinese-Norwegian joint venture.

INCOM TOMRA was established in March 2016 by Beijiing INCOM RECYCLE Co., Ltd from China and Tomra Systems ASA from Norway together. The major purpose of this v enture is promoting, selling and ser vicing Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) that are developed by the two shareholders and sister companies.

TOMRA is a world leader in Sorting and Collec tion solutions, and INCOM RECYCLE is the biggest operator and supplier of Smart Munici pality recycling solutions in China. R elying on support from TOMRA and INCOM RECYCLE, INCOM TOMRA can supply to partners a full package of RVM solutions for different applications.

INCOM TOMRA is based in China but de voted to promoting smart recycling and the circular economy globally. We use technologies to make our environment and our world green and better.

H30 Tomra Bottle Return Machine