Touch screen reverse vending machine-YC301

Touch screen reverse vending machine-YC301

YC-301 reverse vending machine (RVM) is aim at the market of non-deposit. This machine offers a simple and clean design, is charecterized by 42" LED display, ideal for wrapping advertisment and branding. YC-301 takes one-way, non-refillable plastic bottles and cans.

Product Details

YC-301 reverse vending machine (RVM), which is also called recycle bottle machine and bottle recycling machine, is aim at the market of non-deposit. This Recycle Vending Machines offers a simple and clean design, is charecterized by 42" LED display, ideal for wrapping advertisment and branding. YC-301 takes one-way, non-refillable plastic bottles and cans.

YC-301 Recycle Vending Machines also support for multiple reward system to operate money reward, redemption schemes, RFID and NFC card rewarding and etc. Meanwhile, it also support for third party customized system, can offer the comprehensive system plan of local market.

● Collection of plastic bottles and/or cans

● Optical fraud protection and hand protection modules

● 42" multimedia interactive display

● Equipped with high speed printing module (Non-standard)

● IMP system accessible

● Support for plug-and-play

Durable and Robust

Interactive Media Platform

Wide Extention

• Flat cabinet, strong structure design

• Ideal platform for custom wrapping and advertising

• Compact design, having strong sense of line

• 42" multimedia advertising platform

• Self-explanatory guidance for customers, fluid operating

• Support for customized brand promotion

• Multi-system interface, easy to extend device unit

• Support for multiple reward system

YC301 Durable and Robust Recycle Vending Machines outlookYC301 Interactive Media Platform Recycle Vending MachinesYC301 Wide Extention Recycle Vending Machines oprate

Leading The Resource Revolution

35 billion used beverage containers are captured every year by TOMRA's reverse vending machines. TOMRA's total avoided greenhouse gas emission equals the annual emissions from 2 million cars—each driving 10,000 kilometers.

DimensionsStorage capacity (appr. figures with shakedown)
YC301 recycle bottle vending machineUnmixed, single catagory recycle
Cans:800 cans (0.33L)
Plastic bottles:400 bottles (0.5L)
Plastic bottles:150 bottles (1.5L)
Machine weight:

260 kg

Footprint: 0.9m2

Based on bin size: W:850 x D:720 x H:900 mm

Container Specification

Material types

Plastic bottles, aluminum and iron cans

Container size

Diameter 60-135 mm, Height 100-300 mm

Speed CapabilitBarcode reading
Up to 30 containers
per minute

Maximum 80% relative

humidity, non-condensing


0°C to +45°C (32°F - 113°F)

The machine has been

designed for indoor use only

ElectricalPower Consumption
Idle 80W,
Running state Max(approx.) 310W
Nominal Voltage
100-240 V AC 1-phase w/ground
50/60 Hz
min 10A
ConnectivityLAN (Ethernet TCP/IP)

Internal freestanding rack;

Front unload;

Fast login with QR code
Recognition Barcode recognition
User Interaction42'' touch display


1920(H) ×1080(W)


Barcode database management

Advertising and media


Alarm management

Reports management

Customers management

Maintenance management


Advertising light box*

RFID card reader*

Magnetic card reader*

NFC reader*

Power consumption metering


Electronic receipt (POS)

*Non-standard accessories

We reserve the right to make changes to specifications without prior notice. While every effort has been made to ensure all information contained in this document is accurate, TOMRA assumes no liability for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may occur.


Incom Tomra

INCOM TOMRA Recycling Technology (Beijiing) Co., Ltd. ("INCOM TOMRA" as the abbreviation) is a Chinese-Norwegian joint venture.

INCOM TOMRA was established in March 2016 by Beijiing INCOM RECYCLE Co., Ltd from China and Tomra Systems ASA from Norway together. The major purpose of this venture is promoting, selling and servicing Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) that are developed by the two shareholders and sister companies.

TOMRA is a world leader in Sorting and Collection solutions, and INCOM RECYCLE is the biggest operator and supplier of Smart Municipality recycling solutions in China. Relying on support from TOMRA and INCOM RECYCLE, INCOM TOMRA can supply to partners a full package of RVM solutions for different applications.

INCOM TOMRA is based in China but devoted to promoting smart recycling and the circular economy globally. We use technologies to make our environment and our world green and better.

Our Reverse Vending Machine  is aim at the market of non-deposit welcome to contact.


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