Garbage Can Continue to Live-a Closed Loop of Waste

Jun. 30, 2021

The mainstream in this world will still use their own traditional material selection. What else can we do in this situation?

Although some materials are not made sustainably and have a sustainable source, since they are made by using natural resources, they already have use value, so before they are discarded, can they think of ways to extend their lives? 

Recycling Vending Machine

Recycling Vending Machine

Let it not be wasted, not be landfilled or burned, so I did a second business-waste closed loop recycling.

This is a plastic bottle, what can that plastic bottle become? In fact, it can be turned into a film or fake turf-like material, or soft or hard fabric, it can also be turned into various basic products that you can purchase directly, your clothes or work cards, we can also change it As an art installation, to awaken more people's awareness of plastic pollution, we can even turn it into an exhibition space.

Now all the curtains, floors, coffee tables, carpets, and pillows you see are all made of plastic bottles. Have you broken through your imagination of plastic bottles again?

In this way, we reproduced all kinds of waste materials into materials, products, spaces, and activities needed by the company, and completed them within his budget. It did not cost him extra cost but created more extra. Value, such as a more interesting experience, enhances his brand image and even saves him money.

In fact, can all man-made objects become such a medium one day, through the correct use of materials, to make us and the environment healthier, more comfortable, and more intimate?

If each of us can participate in it, it can help this day become faster and let us have more and more materials that we can continue to use. For example, everyone can do more garbage sorting, and you can help more. More materials are sorted at the source to reduce costs and make more materials cheaper; for example, you can reuse them instead of throwing them away when you run out, so you can reduce the generation of more garbage.

This is something that needs to be co-created. What I have explained and shared just now are some attempts I tried to do from the point of view of materials. In the entire closed loop, we still need more people to co-create from different sides and different levels of business to make this day come faster.

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