Green Environmental Month INCOM and Youth

Jul. 27, 2021

From the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations in September 2020 to the two sessions held in March this year, in just six months, “Carbon Neutrality” has become a high-frequency buzzword. Industry, transportation, construction and other fields have introduced relevant policies for comprehensive deployment. Various industries have accelerated their efforts to save energy, increase efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions through digital and intelligent transformation. More and more people are also adopting low-carbon travel and garbage classification. , Energy-saving and power-saving methods to practice a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle; for a time, society is actively working to build a "zero carbon" future.

Green Environmental Month INCOM and Youth

On the 50th "World Environment Day", INCOM was invited to participate in the "Joining Hands in Environmental Action, Helping Ecological Civilization—Beijing Elementary and Secondary School Students Environmental Education Series" hosted by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission. The closed-loop practice of the industry chain calls on young people to take active actions for the early realization of the "3060 Double Carbon Goal".

Let every beverage bottle go home safely

Green Environmental Month INCOM and Youth

"5 million to 13 million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year (a study by the Allen MacArthur Foundation shows)."

"In 2019, China’s waste plastics generated 63 million tons, of which 32% was landfilled, 31% was incinerated, 7% was abandoned, and only about 30% was recycled (according to the China Renewable Resources Recycling Association). "

In the on-site knowledge of "plastic pollution", the students discussed where the beverage bottles they once discarded would go to. Many students said that after participating in garbage sorting, they found that a lot of "garbage" in life can be recycled and still useful. Knowing that every beverage bottle that is safely recycled enters the INCOM factory and is regenerated into food-grade materials that can be processed into new bottles, or transformed into cool and beautiful clothing, stationery, etc., everyone is amazed, "This is really the magical regeneration of beverage bottles. trip!"

Continue to work towards the carbon neutral goal

Green Environmental Month INCOM and Youth

INCOM and its joint venture partner TOMRAGROUP-GreenInitiatives have jointly installed more than 90,000 smart recycling machines around the world, safely recycling more than 12 billion plastic bottles each year. Up to now, 2 million+ domestic users have participated in the safe recycling of 60 million+ PET beverage bottles through Winsun, which is equivalent to reducing 3,240,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide, saving 5310,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, and planting 648,000 trees.

We issued a green invitation to the teachers and students on site: to help the carbon neutral goal, start with the safe recycling of a beverage bottle. Everyone said that environmental protection and carbon reduction actions originate from the little things in life. Starting from small things, you can also practice environmental protection and protect the environment.

Science and technology of food-grade full-circulation industry chain

What attracted everyone most at the scene was the full science and technology range of INCOMPET food-grade to food-grade industry.

INCOM has successfully created a case of the use of rPET materials in food packaging in China earlier. The INCOM factory is equipped with the world's leading food-grade process solutions, fully automated production lines and intelligent monitoring systems to ensure the stable operation of the production lines.

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