New Technology Leads Waste Sorting

Nov. 07, 2019

The development of science and technology has brought many changes to people's daily life, and garbage disposal is one of them. With the popularization of new technologies and new methods, many cities have successively launched intelligent reverse vending equipment such as intelligent recycling machine and garbage sorting information platforms.

 intelligent reverse vending equipment

The so-called "Internet + smart" garbage classification is that related enterprises promote intelligent waste separation and recycling equipment in the community. After the residents register on their APP, they can scan the code on the smart garbage collection equipment and deliver the garbage according to the prompts and requirements. The points earned can be directly withdrawn, or you can purchase goods in the corporate mall, and you can offset some of the courier fees, utilities and property fees. Among them, some intelligent recycling equipment, residents can be classified according to recyclables, kitchen waste, other garbage, and hazardous waste.

The garbage sorting can be carried out so smoothly, and the multiple recognition recycling system is worthy of its contribution.

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