Garbage Classification, Can the“Paper”in Life Be Recycled?

May. 28, 2020

Waste paper is recyclable, but can all paper be recycled? the answer is negative! The following intelligent beverage bottle recycling machine supplier will lead you to understand which paper can be recycled.

How to distinguish whether the paper is recyclable?


1. Newspapers

A waste newspaper is discarded and burned as garbage, worthless. But if it returns to the paper mill, the utilization rate can be as high as 87%, and it can almost become a new newspaper again.

2. Used textbooks

3. Packing box for shopping and express delivery

4. Milk carton for breakfast (after washing)

5. Brochures used by the company

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Not recyclable:

1. Daily Chemicals

Toilet paper, napkins, diapers, food packaging paper (boxes) immersed in oil stains, etc.

2. Printing

Photos, postcards, carbon paper, receipts, memo paper, etc.

3. Packaging

Aluminum foil paper (such as chewing gum wrapping paper), cellophane (such as candy paper, some wrapping paper), etc.

4. Disposable

Such as paper cups, beverage cups (such as milk teacups, coffee cups), instant noodle cups, etc.

These are not renewable.

Toilet paper and napkins are too water-soluble, so they cannot be recycled

Paper cups and beverage cups are not recyclable because a plastic film is attached to their surfaces (to prevent water penetration), which is not easy to separate from paper during the recycling process.

Photos, postcards, carbon paper, receipts, memo paper, etc. are not recyclable because of their complex composition, and foreign objects cannot be fully eliminated during recycling.

How to "transform" after paper recycling?

The waste paper is mixed with water in the beater to form a sticky pulp. Inject air into the pulp so that the ink in the pulp adheres to the air bubbles and then floats on the surface of the pulp, which facilitates the discharge of the ink in the pulp.

Subsequently, the moisture in the pulp is discharged using a pressing machine, and the pulp is cut using a screw conveyor, and then the pulp is bleached with a decolorizer containing peroxide, and the pulp is rinsed in clean water, and finally, the chemical is added to the pulp Wet strength agent to shape the pulp into paper.

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