Plastic Straw Replacement

Jul. 03, 2020

If companies can no longer use plastic straws to serve drinks, what will they use? Reverse recycling vending machine supplier shares with you. Here are some of the many environmentally friendly alternatives:

Paper straws

Paper straws can replace plastic straws. In fact, before plastics became popular in the mid-19th century, the paper was the material of choice for straws. Most paper straws on the market today are made of very durable and biodegradable materials, which makes them more environmentally friendly than plastic straws. The biodegradable paper straw completely decomposes within 90 days and does not cause harm to the environment during this process.

This option is not only environmentally friendly but also visually appealing. Paper straws have countless different colors and patterns, which are more interesting and exciting to use.

Intelligent Recycling Machine

Metal straw

Metal may be the last material you think of when you think of straws, but it is actually a good substitute for plastic. Most metal straws are made of aluminum, titanium, or stainless steel. These are durable materials with a long life. Metal straws are not disposable straws, so they can be cleaned and reused in bars and restaurants. However, the design of the metal straw has a little flexibility, which makes it easier to clean.

If this is your first time trying a metal straw, use it for cold drinks. When it is placed in a cold drink, the metal starts to cool, and many people like to take a sip from an iced straw.

Glass straw

Glass is another popular alternative to plastic, not to mention environmental protection. Glass is a reusable material that can be washed in a dishwasher, so it is easy to clean. The only drawback of this choice is the fragility of the glass. Because the glass is easily broken, these straws must be handled with care. Fortunately, glass is recyclable, so if these straws happen to break, they can be recycled. Our company provides intelligent recycling machine.

No straw

Of course, there are always options for giving up straws. There is really no need to use a straw, so try not to use a straw the next time you reach for a drink. If you often use straws, drinking straw without a straw may seem strange, but you will get used to this change.

As you can see, there are many alternatives that have the same purpose as plastic straws, but will not damage the environment. Because there are many other options, prohibiting the use of plastic straws will not cause inconvenience to customers or businesses.

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