Reasonably Choose the Method of Sorting Garbage Bins

Aug. 04, 2020

Do you know how to choose a reasonable method of sorting trash cans? Today, the touch screen vending machine factory will analyze it specifically for you and hope it will be helpful to you.

In the streets and alleys, we will see all kinds of trash cans, their purpose is to facilitate passers-by to throw garbage. Among these trash cans, there are stainless steel trash cans, plastic trash cans, metal trash cans, wooden trash cans, advertising trash cans, etc. The shapes of the sorted trash bins of different materials are also different in size and variety.

Consider from the perspective of environmental protection: some garbage bins that are easy to recycle and do not pollute the environment should be selected. The main function of the sorted trash can is to sort and dispose of garbage. If it will cause a certain negative impact on the environment during its use, it will violate the meaning of setting up a sorted trash can to promote environmental protection classification. Classified trash cans should be metal, stainless steel, steel, and wood classified trash cans, but these types of trash cans have recycling value and are often stolen by thieves. Therefore, the placement of these trash cans must do a good job in defense. In addition, do not use plastic or fiberglass trash cans with radioactive hazards.

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From the perspective of placement: most of the sorted trash cans are outdoors, and the use frequency is relatively high in areas where the flow of people is dense and concentrated. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the capacity of the trash can, and garbage with larger capacity should be selected as much as the possible barrel.

Next, let's talk about the functional design of the sorting trash bin: as we all know, there are several types of garbage classification: recyclable, non-recyclable, hazardous and toxic garbage, and other garbage. Sorting trash cans include two sorting trash cans, three sorting trash cans, and four sorting trash cans. If these functions are designed on the trash cans, the tedious work of sorting garbage can be greatly reduced, and the citizens' Garbage classification awareness. Therefore, it is recommended to place the corresponding trash can after comprehensive consideration of the place where the classified trash can is used. The placement of different types of trash cans depends on the needs of each site, but two types of trash cans must be placed.

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