What Are Recyclable Garbage and Non-Recyclable Garbage?

May. 06, 2020

There are five types of recyclable garbage: waste paper, plastic, metal, fabric, glass, but paper towels and toilet paper are not suitable for recycling because they are too water-soluble; non-recyclable garbage includes the peel, vegetable leaves, leftovers, leftovers, flowers, branches, leaves, etc. Poisonous and harmful garbage and other garbage cannot be recycled. Reverse recycling vending machine supplier shares with you.

Smart Recycling Machine


1. Separate and collect useful materials such as paper, plastic, rubber, glass, bottles, metal, and waste household appliances from garbage by re-recycling and utilization, and turn waste into treasure. Not only improve the utilization level of garbage resources but also reduce the amount of garbage disposal. It is an important way and means to achieve waste reduction and recycling.

2. After the garbage is collected by classification, it is easy to classify and dispose of different types of garbage. For example, organic waste is composted and fermented, organic waste is made into farmland fertilizer and greening fertilizer, inorganic waste that has no recycling value is landfilled, and combustible waste with high heating value is incinerated.

3. Garbage classification is a reform of the traditional way of garbage collection and disposal, and a scientific management method for effective disposal of garbage. In the face of the increasing waste output and the deterioration of environmental conditions, how to achieve the maximum utilization of waste resources, reduce the amount of waste disposal and improve the quality of the living environment through waste classification management is one of the urgent issues that all countries in the world pay close attention to.

4. We can classify and dispose of garbage as much as possible. Everyone has responsibility for recycling garbage.

Our company sells a smart recycling machine to help with garbage collection.


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