INCOM Calls for Waste Sorting

Jul. 25, 2019

Where did the garbage we produce every day go? Many people naively feel that the dumplings, plastic bottles, and disgusting dirt that they throw will disappear automatically. No, it is likely to return to you one day.

No one likes garbage, but no one does not make garbage. Under the glamorous appearance of the city, there is countless dirty and stinky garbage.

Bottle Recycling Machine

Our ability to deal with garbage has not kept pace with the garbage. You can go to the surrounding towns and you may see many children running in the garbage dumps you throw. The garbage is surrounded by the countryside. It is full of human living space.

INCOM calls: garbage classification is a resource.

The Bottle Recycling Machine developed by INCOM is a good solution for garbage sorting. We believe that only everyone will make a little effort and our city will be more and more neat and beautiful.

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