Incom Multiple Recognition Recycling System Provides a Template For Intelligent Garbage Classification

Nov. 15, 2019

Garbage classification has become the hottest “all-people action” at the moment, but how do you see “waste” in the face of the age of garbage sorting? How to help the public quickly develop the habit of sorting garbage? How to track the whereabouts of garbage in real-time? These problems in front of us indicate that in the process of promoting garbage classification, new technical solutions and information construction need to be followed up and broken through, and the demand for garbage classification for "intelligence" has been "thirsty". The intelligent solution represented by “Incom Multiple Recognition Recycling System” is the “best plan” to deal with the above problems, and also leads the new trend of garbage classification in the intelligent era.

Smart Recycling Machine

Smart garbage recycling stations will be rolled out across the country, and online and offline cooperation will allow garbage to "go home".

Taking "Incom Multiple Recognition Recycling System” as an example, the intelligent garbage collection station will play an important role in the era of intelligent garbage classification. Incom smart recycling machine has built a versatile and intelligent sorting and recycling network of “all categories, all regions, integration + public services”; it is divided into two combinations of “1+2” and “1+4”. The recycling station is the front end of Incom Multiple Recognition Recycling System. It can be sorted and recycled according to the needs of the place, including beverage bottles, recyclables, kitchen waste, etc.; clearly and guide the classification through the color of the cabinet and the mark of the recycled materials. After the user uses the automatic weighing and counting of the recycling station, the IC card and APP can be rebate, and the overall operation process from delivery to rebate is completed in about ten seconds, which is convenient for residents to participate in the use.

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