Incomrecycle's Intelligent Recycling Machine in Hong Kong is Highly Recognized by the Government

Jun. 25, 2019

In early 2019, in order to solve the growing problem of pollution of plastic beverage bottles, the Hong Kong government was openly bidding around the world and wanted to cooperate with Intelligent Recycling Machine production and operation companies to carry out pilot projects for intelligent recycling of plastic beverage bottles. As a professional Smart Recycling Machine Factory, Incomrecycle stood out among many companies around the world and became one of the three companies that won the bid.

Intelligent Recycling Machine

Pilot Projects for Intelligent Recycling

The problem of pollution of plastic beverage bottles has received wide attention from local residents in recent years, and the Hong Kong government has been actively taking effective measures to deal with them. Since 2018, different government programs have been launched to explore solutions for recycling plastic bottles. At the same time, market research has been conducted to consider the problem and dilemma of plastics in the form of deposits. In response to interviews with local media in Hong Kong, the head of the Hong Kong government said that he hopes to increase the recycling rate of beverage bottles to 8 to 90% by referring to the experience of the beverage bottle producer responsibility program implemented in Europe and the United States.

Intelligent Recycling Machine

Intelligent Recycling Machine

To this end, the H30 intelligent recycling machine jointly developed by Incomrecycle and Taolang served as the pilot project, and was laid to the centralized collection and recycling site designated by the Hong Kong government. Incomrecycle’s intelligent recycling machine accounted for 60% of the trial site. . At present, the pilot work has been carried out for several months, and the Incomrecycle’s intelligent recycling machine has been unanimously recognized by the public and government officials in terms of recycling efficiency and experience. Recently, in order to inspect the application effect of the smart recycling machine, the Director of Environmental Protection of Hong Kong personally inspected the collection point and bottled experience, and was very satisfied with this efficient, clean and safe recycling method. At present, our company is planning a follow-up recycling plan with Hong Kong.

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