How to deal with the packing box after opening the express delivery?

Nov. 30, 2019

While online shopping brings great convenience to people's lives, it also causes serious pollution of express package garbage. It is estimated that in 2015, China consumed 9.922 billion boxes, 16.985 billion meters of tape and 8.268 billion plastic bags, of which the length of the tape can circle the earth's equator 425 times. This is only a few years ago about China's statistics, so what about the world?

The community after "Double Eleven" has undoubtedly become a centralized place to collect express delivery. A courier packaging that may include waybills, envelopes, cartons, plastic bags, woven bags, tapes and cushions, etc., and a brain is thrown into the trash, may not be the best solution-the recycling value of the carton, but the recycling process of carton covered with tape is more complicated, and plastic tape needs hundreds of years to degrade naturally in nature. When harvesting the joy of buying and buying, we also need to think about how to throw away a large number of express packaging correctly and recycle them efficiently without putting more pressure on the environment.

The emergence of "intelligent recycling machine" solved the problem. Residents classified waste paper, waste plastics, waste textiles and other domestic wastes and put them into the recycling station by themselves. After weighing them in real-time, the mobile phone can receive the recycling rebate and support cash withdrawal or supermarket shopping offset. This intelligent and novel recycling method attracted many citizens to participate in the competition for a time. This garbage sorting intelligent recycling station is independently developed by Incom Recycling Co., Ltd. to build an all-round recycling system of "all categories, all regions, integration + public services" in an all-round way, and to cultivate and facilitate residents to actively participate in garbage sorting and recycling.

Intelligent Recycling Machine

With the increasing efforts to improve the ecology and protect the environment, the domestic community waste classification work is also vigorously promoted and achieved initial results. Guiding and educating residents on garbage classification, improving garbage recycling facilities and marking are the key and difficult points in the community to promote garbage classification and recycling. The intelligent recycling station can guide residents to sort according to their needs and cooperate with the publicity and guidance of the community in the early stage. Residents can also get rebates as rewards after recycling, which solves the key problems in the process of community garbage classification.

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