Smart Garbage Recycling Makes Garbage Classification A Habit

Nov. 23, 2019

Nowadays, littering is rarely seen, but there is another big problem, that is, the garbage in the garbage can is completely unclassified, and there is most recyclable garbage such as plastic bottles in the non-recyclable can. Our company provides plastic bottles collecting machine.

The basic purpose of environmental garbage classification is to recycle and utilize these raw materials better, realize the recycling of resources and realize sustainable development. Moreover, at a time when energy is increasingly scarce, the rational use of these resources is to sustain our future and to enable the country to reduce the exploitation of resources, thereby protecting the environment. These are closely related to our life, but it is inevitable that some people, out of laziness, afraid of trouble, or even ignore the icon on the trash can, throw the garbage casually into the bucket that does not match it, resulting in the decrease of garbage utilization rate and environmental protection garbage classification rate. In other words, this is a waste of resources.

Secondly, the harm of non-environmental waste classification is much more than we think. This is especially true for small batteries and other wastes containing heavy metals. If batteries are randomly thrown into non-specific bins, such as those containing kitchen waste, these wastes will cause direct soil pollution when they are buried. If they are burned, they may explode, and they will have to be re-refined due to the doping of heavy metal elements, resulting in energy waste.

Plastic Bottles Collecting Machine

According to the data, if the garbage is recycled reasonably and effectively, the revenue created will be huge: for example, 850 kg paper can be made per ton of recycled waste paper, 300 kg wood can be saved, 74% less pollution than production; 0.7 tons of secondary raw materials can be obtained by recycling one ton of plastic beverage bottles; 0.9 tons of good steel can be obtained per ton of recycled waste steel, 47% less cost than ore smelting, 75% less air pollution, reduce water pollution and solid waste by 97%, etc. This will also become an important link targeted by emerging industries in the future.

I believe you can see more or less from the Internet some shocking Photos - white plastic bags filled with seagulls stomach; rigid plastic stuck in the middle of the body is restricted by the development of turtles; entangled mouth can not eat the result of starving to death of seabirds. Because of our sins, these innocent lives have suffered hardships and sufferings that do not belong to them. The source of all this lies in our human beings, and we can't stop this wave. Only if we work hard from the small matter of environmental waste classification, can we make the wave weaken a little bit, and this is also to atone for ourselves.

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