Hey! The Plastic Bottle that you Throw away does not actually go Far

Jun. 07, 2019

Up to 5 trillion plastic bags are used every year worldwide. The world sells about 1 million plastic bottles per minute. 17 million barrels of crude oil per year are used to produce plastic products. Every huge amount of data provides an opportunity for you and me to enjoy convenience once more in your life.

Hey! The Plastic Bottle that you Throw away does not actually go Far

50% of the plastic we use is disposable, and it takes 100 years for plastics to break down in the natural environment. When are the plastic bags and plastic bottles separated from you, and where have you gone?

Every year, 13 million tons of plastic waste flows into the ocean, and 100,000 marine organisms die each year from plastic waste. I thought that there were millions of creatures, but every day, there are creatures that will disappear from the earth forever, and some have not even been described and named by scientists.

The ocean seems to be far away from us. However, 90% of the world's bottled water has been found to contain plastic particles. 83% of the world's tap water contains micro-plastic particles with plastic particles less than 2mm in diameter, which is a major carrier for marine pollution. Filtered, it is quietly "returning" to the food chain.

Hey! The Plastic Bottle that you Throw away does not actually go Far

Our ocean has now become a plastic soup. In the face of marine plastic pollution, we should not only be a spectator. After all, no garbage will disappear.

In 2012, INCOM independently developed and produced the first batch of Smart Reverse Vending Machines in Beijing. From 1 to 5000+ units, from 1 user to 200+ million people, from the safe recycling of the first bottle to 5700+ million bottles. We are working hard for this earth.

Smart Reverse Vending Machines

Smart Reverse Vending Machines

The only food-grade recycled polyester chip production plant in China, the beverage bottles recycled through the Recycling Vending Machine are safely handled here and are completely environmentally friendly. They may become new bottles, clothes, bags... returning to your side. Hey! The bottle that was discarded by you is back.

The United Nations claims to have 46,000 pieces of plastic waste scattered per square mile of the ocean, and it is necessary for us to know about "plastic particles."

INCOM makes more used bottles safely go home. “Bottle to bottle” and “bottle to the merchandise” have become more possibilities for a better life.

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