Explore the Secrets in Recyclable Trash Cans!

Aug. 01, 2019

How much do you know about recyclables?

Recyclables: Recycling of recyclable household waste. When recyclables are placed, they should be kept as clean and dry as possible to avoid contamination; the three-dimensional packaging should be emptied of the contents, and then flattened after being cleaned; it is easy to be damaged or wrapped with sharp edges and should be packaged.

In short, the abbreviation of recyclables can be called "paper, plastic, glass, gold, clothing". However, although toilet paper is called paper, it is not a waste paper category in recyclable materials.

Every day, when everyone drinks, how many people are throwing plastic bottles into the unclassified trash can and striding away. Afterward, the bottles are mostly sent to the landfill after a series of treatments, and landfill degradation is carried out together with those non-recyclable waste. In fact, as long as you understand and understand the concept and process of garbage sorting, these seemingly simple actions can be avoided on their own.

Explore the Secrets in Recyclable Trash Cans!

01 recycling of waste paper

At present, the recycling and recycling of waste paper can be easily divided into three steps: recycling → changing back to the factory to become renewable raw materials → regenerating environmentally friendly products. For example, at present, the production process of recycled paper in China is relatively simple and easy to operate. The recycled waste paper is disintegrated, deinked, washed, bleached, and then sent to a paper machine for papermaking by pulping and seasoning to form a new type of recycled paper.

According to the data, one ton of waste paper can produce 850 kilograms of recycled paper of good quality, saving 3 cubic meters of wood (equivalent to 26 trees of 3 to 4 years), saving 300 kilograms of chemical raw materials, saving 1.2 tons of coal, saving 600 Degree; and can reduce a large amount of waste. Therefore, the scientific and effective classification of recyclable materials will greatly reduce the generation of waste. In the future, put the waste paper in your home into the recyclable trash can in the smart recycling station!

02 recycling and recycling of waste plastics

"Internet + Garbage Classification"

In today's Internet age, intelligent machines have gradually replaced manual labor, which has greatly saved manpower and material resources. In the field of intelligent recycling, INCOM is a leading company in the field of safe recycling and recycling of beverage bottles. They have made intelligent waste sorting at the forefront of the industry through the operation of “Internet + Garbage Classification”.

At present, INCOM has developed the first IoT intelligent recycling machine in China through independent research and development and has already vigorously promoted it. Up to now, INCOM has accumulated more than 5,000 intelligent recycling equipment in Beijing. The success of this project has promoted the intelligentization and systematization of waste sorting management.

Explore the Secrets in Recyclable Trash Cans!

(The picture shows the INCOM Internet Intelligent Monitoring Platform)

"sustainable cycle mode"

After the ordinary people put the used beverage bottles into the INCOM Intelligent Recycling Machine, they can get cash rebates. INCOM can query the delivery and use of each group of machines through its own Internet intelligent monitoring platform. Reverse logistics will recycle these bottles to the INCOM recycling plant and regenerate the beverage bottles through a series of scientific processing methods. Into a new beverage bottle.

The most fundamental purpose of knowing the scientific and systematic classification is the recycling of resources. To put it simply, the “garbage resources” generated by people are transformed into “renewable resources” through recycling. This is the recycling of resources.

03 Recycling of waste glass products

Glass bottles are also very common in our daily lives, and how to carry out effective recycling is also a very headache.

For the recycling of used glass wine bottles, the bottles are first recycled to the glass through the recycling machine after being reasonably and safely recycled and then reused. The recycling of waste glass bottles can be divided into two types: one is direct reuse, and the processed broken glass is used as raw material to be used in glass melting furnace to produce flat glass or bottle glass; second, indirect reuse, ie Use waste glass to produce other products.

Explore the Secrets in Recyclable Trash Cans!

According to the data, recycling of one ton of waste glass can reproduce 0.9 tons of glass, which can effectively save 0.2 tons of soda ash, 0.7 tons of quartz sand, and reduce the cost of glass products by 20%. One ton of waste glass can produce 15 cups of flat glass or 2,000 bottles of 500 grams. Don't hurry to put the waste glass bottles in your home into the recyclable trash cans in the Glass Bottle Recycling Vending Equipment. Each of your small moves will contribute a small amount of power to the environmental protection cause.

Scientific and effective waste sorting has become an urgent action in the modern era. The proper delivery of garbage will make this land quietly change. After all, no one wants to see their homes surrounded by stinking garbage.

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