New Type of Garbage Recycling Box——Smart Mask Recycling Box

Mar. 25, 2020

With the full resumption of work, the "seal" was lifted in the community, and there was more traffic on the road, accompanied by an increase in the use of masks. According to statistics, the number of second- and third-line employees in China exceeds 530 million. If each person uses a mask every day, the daily use of masks is 530 million.

Although this is only a rough estimate, the use of masks will even exceed this amount as the rate of return to work increases. Therefore, the disposal of discarded masks requires special attention.

There is a risk of infection if it is mixed with domestic garbage at will, even if the trash can is specially set to discard discarded masks, the virus will spread everywhere due to the non-sealing, and there is a risk of infecting nearby residents.

Smart mask recycling box, with face recognition, infrared sensing and other identification methods. Residents can deliver abandoned masks without touching the recycling bin. Our company sells intelligent recycling machine.

Intelligent Recycling Machine

The smart mask recovery box uses an electronic door lock. Unauthorized personnel cannot open the box to take out the discarded mask, preventing someone from taking the mask away for secondary sales.

High-power purple light and deodorizing equipment are also installed in the cabinet. The disinfection function can be completed within 3 to 5 minutes after the delivery port is closed.

When the residents deliver the discarded masks, the box display can also show the temperature of the delivery personnel.

When the box overflows, the system will automatically notify the receiving and shipping personnel to do a good job of recycling and disposal in a timely manner.

The most important thing is that after the epidemic is over, the smart mask recovery box put into the community can also be converted into a regular garbage recyclable box to continue serving the residents.

The above information is provided by reverse vending machine manufacturers.

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