Why Are Some Plastics Unrecyclable?

May. 07, 2020

Now, the problem of plastic pollution is becoming more and more serious, and it has seriously threatened the survival of mankind like climate change. 

A large amount of plastic waste that is discarded without recycling will not only directly pollute the environment but also become difficult to degrade plastic microparticles under the influence of natural forces. These microparticles hide in the natural environment and eventually pass through the ocean, river Various channels, such as drinking water, enter the bodies of animals and humans, and endanger health. Our company provides smart reverse vending machines to help people recycle garbage.

Smart Reverse Vending Machines

Why can some plastics be recycled and some plastics cannot be recycled?

In fact, in theory, all plastic waste can be recycled and then reused. However, some plastic products are too costly and difficult to recycle during recycling, so they cannot be recycled.

For example, plastic bags that are classified as non-recyclable garbage are mostly made of polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. During the production process, some environmental hormones, such as plasticizers and o-benzene, are also added Dicarboxylate, etc. These environmental hormones will exert some harmful substances after being heated at high temperature, which has a serious impact on human health. Coupled with the high cost of recycling these plastic wastes, these plastic wastes are often classified as non-recyclable waste.

A part of the recycled plastic can be directly made into the desired shape by heating or mechanical force; the other part of the recycling process is more complicated, and these plastics need to be degraded at high temperature, degraded into monomers, and then polymerized again into new plastic products.

Of course, some plastics will be directly burned and converted into energy. This method is the simplest, but it has great pollution and harm to the environment, so this method is also used less.

Therefore, in fact, recycled plastics will be made into new plastic commodities and continue to serve human life.

The above information is provided by the reverse vending machine factory.

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